What is Journaling?

Journaling is an awareness building and reflective practice for you to express your thoughts, feelings, emotions and explore your life situation. It’s a solitary exercise where you spend time with yourself, writing down how you feel towards what’s going on in your life. Journaling is an active form of mindfulness where you can become aware of your thoughts, feelings and patterns in your life through consistent sharing over a period of time.

The art of Journaling is in the process itself and there is no right, wrong or perfect outcome. There is simply you and your Journal, where you share what you are experiencing. You may be guided by a question or a prompt, or you may journal around a specific experience, yet there remains no answer, there is just your process and what the experience raises for you.

Journaling is a way to articulate your thoughts, feelings and emotions in a confidential, impartial and safe space. Your Journal is a sacred place where you may share what you may have never said before or you share experiences that are very personal to you. Your Journal is by default, non-judgemental as it is simply a Journal, so the only judgement you may feel are those placed on you by yourself. Journaling is a way to practice sharing how you feel and there is space for you to take risks and play. Through Journaling you raise your awareness to how you feel, you notice habits and patterns and you are more able to formulate words to experiences, emotions and feelings that are often difficult to articulate.

Journaling is a cathartic outlet and serves as a process to get out the words and thoughts in your head or your heart so you can see them plainly in front of you. The simple of act of this unblocking and sharing can be a powerful relief.

The Sanctus Journal is an online Journal with a supportive Community of fellow Journalers on similar path’s. Our Journal has a choice of journaling prompts for a guided Journaling experience, as well as the choice to freely share in a way you would like to. By default the Sanctus Journal is completely private and confidential to you, however we give you the option to share any of your entries with those close to you, or others in the Community. The right to share is unreservedly yours and yours alone.