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Working on your mental health can feel scary, isolating and sometimes lonely. We want to change that.

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We’re creating a safe mental health community so people can embark on their mental health journey, get into the practice of expressing how they feel, and do it with others.

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It's changed my mornings in the best way possible. It's what gets me out of bed in the morning and helps set a positive tone for the day. Ever morning's a new discovery… I don't know where the prompt or my thoughts will take me, but it's an incredible journey to go on with the support of such a warm and welcoming group of people.

— Kate

I've always struggled to journal by myself. Since starting Sanctus Journaling I've been able to learn effective techniques such as prompts and it's been so helpful. Journaling with Sanctus is now part of my daily routine.

– Gracious M

After a roller coaster 18 months of suicidal thoughts, pills & therapy, this space has really helped me focus on me and my recovery. I could not be where I am right now without the support of this community and knowing that we are all, in some way, broken and on a journey of recovery. I feel stronger than I have EVER felt before and ready for the challenges of this broken world and time we live in. In will face it as my real self hand-in-hand with my virtual buddies here! Thank you James & Sanctus!

— Mike Butler

I first joined just a couple of weeks ago but I honestly already feel like it's been a little life-changing! Mornings are always a tough time for me and this has helped make things a little easier and given me something to look forward to. I've found journaling alone difficult but it's so special doing it with this community and seeing other people's faces at this often lonely time of day. And realising from thoughts shared in the chat that so many of the difficult emotions we feel are shared seems to weaken their power. Thanks so much guys!

— Laura Mackenzie