Our Story

Without Journaling, we wouldn’t be here.

5 years ago, George bought me a Journal as I entered a new phase in my life. I’d shut down my first business and I was about to enter a period of unknown, I was off travelling to Bali and on Instagram my life looked brilliant, but behind the scenes, I was lost.

I took my Journal to Bali with me and avoided using it, I did use it but mainly as a to-do list and I still wasn’t ready to share how I was really feeling at an uncertain point in my life.

I returned to London, got a job and the feelings I’d been holding down for years hit me, I was stressed, anxious and begun having panic attacks. I was scared, confused and ashamed of how I was feeling and didn’t know where to turn. It was my Journal that became my safe space to explore these feelings, my feelings for the first time.

I began writing and exploring how I was feeling, surprised at the catharsis and enjoyment of the exercise, it was a relief and I felt more supported by myself, as if I was on my side more. My feelings didn’t disappear, but I had a place to share them and talk about them.

I began to articulate how I felt more and I began to understand some of the reasons I thought I felt the way I did, the shame of shutting down a business, feeling like a failure, feeing heartbroken and feeling unable to open up to the people in my life.

After a period of journaling privately and sharing my experience with nobody else, I began to find the words to share my story with others. Quietly at first, but then louder until I was sharing how I was feeling and opening up more with those around me.

Out of Journaling, Sanctus was born and it was journaling that enabled me to put pen to paper for the first Sanctus blog posts and stories that defined the Sanctus mission to inspire people to work on their mental heath like their physical health and put the world’s first mental health gym on the high street.

Without Journaling, Sanctus would not have begun and I may not have opened up to the people I care about, about my mental health.

From there, my mental health journey continued and journaling remained a practice I stuck to alongside coaching, therapy, meditation, new work, new relationships and much more change in my life.

In my journal I played with poetry, drawing and other forms of expression. Noodling on ideas, on scary thoughts, on big life decisions. My journal has been my rock and still is today.

Journaling is a practice that is so accessible to all of us, it allows us all to share openly, honestly, without judgement and it allows us to play and practice and take risks. It’s easy to do too, anyone can do it, there is no right or wrong. Without journaling, we wouldn’t be here, Sanctus wouldn’t be here and my life would be very different. That’s why we want to open up this practice to more people and allow more people to feel the benefits.

Without journaling I might not be able to write this story, because in a journal we can share our stories live, in the moment.

This is our story to now, and we want to share journaling with you and give more people access to a safe space where they can share, open up and explore their feelings.

We hope you might give us the honour of sharing some of your story in our Journal.