How it Works

The Sanctus Journal is for people at all stages with their mental health and with journaling as a practice. You may be an avid journaler looking for more inspiration, provocative questions and like-minded people. Or you may be stepping out for the first time exploring your feelings and emotions in a way that feels new to you. Our intention is for our Journal to be there for you wherever you are and provide you with a safe, easy to use Journal that allows you to continue your journey no matter where you are starting from.

An Online Journal

At our heart, we’re a Journal and the Sanctus Journal is really easy to use. After signing up, you have the option to begin writing by clicking “Write”. You’ll be guided through 4 steps;

  1. Begin “checking-in” with a single word or sentence describing how you feel in that moment
  2. Pick a prompt to guide your sharing,
  3. Add any media to further your expression
  4. Choose your sharing and privacy settings for that post.

The Sanctus Journal can be accessed on mobile or desktop and all sharing is currently done through the written word with the added option of using media like photos or videos if you’d like to.

Your Profile

All of your past entries are available to you on your profile page, with the prompt you chose and the date and time you shared them. Going back through these entries and looking back at where you have been and how far you have come is a powerful part of the journaling experience too, allowing you to notice patterns, habits and gain a sense of perspective to your journey.

On signing up you will be asked to create a Profile, choosing a name and picking an email address and password to secure your account. Your name is only shared with others, if you choose to share any of your Journal entries (see ‘sharing’ below)

Daily Prompts

In each Journal entry you are given the option to choose from 4 Prompts.

1 of the Prompts is updated every day, so every day there is a new journaling question to guide your sharing and ask you a question that perhaps you’ve never been asked before.

The other 3 journaling prompts remain consistent every day for a daily practice and they are:

I feel…

This is the most open journaling prompt allowing you to freely express how you feel in the moment in whatever way you would like.

What are you grateful for?

This is an invitation to journal around gratitude, a journaling practice that is very popular for expressing gratitude in our daily lives and giving us a sense of perspective to the joy and good in our lives.

What is your intention for the day?

This is a prompt to encourage you to focus on the moment and the day ahead, inviting you to share your intention for the coming day. Whether that intention is something you’d like to do, acheive or a way of being that you’d like to invite into your life.

Daily Email

Currently, new Journaling prompts are shared in a daily email that people receive when they sign up to the Sanctus Journal.

This daily email shares the most recent prompts, quick links to start journaling or view entries from the community and other updates on new features to the Journal.


What is unique about the Sanctus Journal is our focus on community, accountability and belonging. We believe we’re more likely to stick to journaling and to feel accepted and excited by our practice, if we’re doing it with others. The Community element of our Journal is really important to us and to many of our members too.

After you’ve written your Journal entry you are given the option to share your entry with the Community under your given profile name. If you choose to do this by selecting “yes” then your entry will appear on the Community Page alongside the entries of others.

Or, you can choose to share your journal entry with one other person over email, by inputting their email address and adding a message to them. A private link to your specific journal entry will be sent to the person you have chosen and they will be able to read what you have written.

Both of these options give you the chance to connect with others, be seen and be heard. They are completely optional and the default setting of your Journal is complete privacy.